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Nevada Highway Patrol Association can Unionize!!!

This Labor Day we celebrate and honor the brave men and women of the Nevada Highway Patrol Association who have been serving the State of Nevada. Currently, they are the only law enforcement unit in the state that has not had the same right to collectively bargain as others until now. Thanks to the leadership of Sen. Nicole Cannizzaro, Sen. David Parks, Assemblyman Jason Frierson, and Gov. Sisolak in passing SB 135 and giving state employees the right to unionize, organizations like the Nevada Highway Patrol Association will now have the ability to get equal pay and benefits just as the municipal and county law enforcement units. The Nevada Highway Patrol Association is a collection of law enforcement state employees from the Department of Public Safety (Parole and Probation, Troopers, Dispatch, Investigation, Capitol Police, and Emergency Management), Department of Wildlife (Game Wardens), Nevada State Parks (Park Ranger), and the University Police Department (Police Officer). Finally, in 2019, we see the original goal of Labor Day in protecting and supporting those who work difficult and dangerous jobs come to fruition. Thank you to Assemblywoman Danielle Monroe-Monreno and Senator Melanie Scheible for their work in raising awareness to the lack of parity in pay state law enforcement gets compared to local departments. I am looking forward to the great work the Nevada Highway Patrol Association and 1ForceNV will do in advocating and bargaining progressive changes to support Nevada’s Law Enforcement.

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