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Eddie quoted by Pluribus News in their 2024 policy predictions from smart observers

At Pluribus News, their mission is to spotlight the policy trends making their way through state legislatures across the country. In December 2023, they asked smart readers, legislators and lobbyists for their predictions on what the year ahead will bring. TriStrat's Eddie Ableser was feature in the piece:

"Ex-Arizona Sen. Eddie Ableser (D), chief executive, Tri-Strategies, Reno, Nev.: “I see a big move at reducing unnecessary regulations and mandates that hinder the professional health care field. In the western states, the lack of qualified professionals in the workforce continues to harm vulnerable populations seeking more care. States are being tasked at providing quality care that’s affordable. I can see states reducing their requirements that are barriers for workforce expansion.”

To read the other predictions, visit *Subscription is required.

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May 15

Hope this makes it possible for smaller medical businesses to survive. The gobbling up of clinics and hospitals by big business is hurting us. Business decisions made on a large scale aren't a great fit with healthcare.

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